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AL MIZAAN means getting best out of your investments. At Al Mizaan we are driven towards empowering our members for better living standards by providing both financial and non-financial services through encouraging members to mobilize more savings.


Top Up na Paybill

Top up your account easily using our Paybill

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit

Enjoy a decent 20% return on your Fixed Deposit weekly. Enjoy the freedom of your money working for you while you relax.

Business Loan

Business Loan

Enjoy business loans at fair interest rates when you make fixed deposits with us.

History Timeline of Al Mizaan Sacco

Al Mizaan Sacco is Established

The Sacco began its journey in a modest office space with just a handful of members. However, fueled by their determination and dedication, the Sacco quickly gained momentum, attracting more members who were drawn to its ethos of inclusivity and support.

Savings and Credit Services

Al Mizaan Sacco focused primarily on providing savings and credit services to its members, enabling them to access much-needed financial resources for various purposes, including business ventures, education, and homeownership.

Al Mizaan Sacco Achieved a New Milestone

The Sacco achieved a new milestones and cemented its reputation as a beacon of hope to many. As a result, it has ventured in the digital space in providing fixed deposit options to embody the spirit of resilience and progress that defines its legacy.

How to Become a Member

You can easily become a Al Mizaan Sacco member by registering and topping up your fixed deposit. Click the button below to join

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